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In October, we will take a look at a few action words that can help us overcome.  It is my hope that you will put these words into action in your life to walk into your healing process, pursue your dreams, and know that you when you do, you are more than a conqueror, I decree you to be an OVERCOMER. 

Kirk Franklin penned the words “Love, a word that comes and goes but, few people really know what it means to really love somebody...” Even fewer people really know what it means to love oneself. Unfortunately, many of us have come to value everyone around us except ourselves.

“Self-worth”. We say the word with our mouths. We read about it on blogs like this one. We write about it in our journals. But do we know what it means? Self-worth is a word that expresses a feeling one must believe within their heart. It is an action word, just like the word love. We must learn to value who we are by loving and acknowledging our self-worth every day. 

Understand, that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We were covered in our mother’s womb. From that day until this very moment, we have always been precious in the Creator’s sight. So, then, why do we lack self-worth? Has someone taken it from us? Has it diminished over the years? Are we comparing our self-worth to what society says is self-worth? Was our self-worth stifled early on as a child? Or has guilt somehow robbed us of our God-given worth? 

To have self-worth means to value oneself, love oneself, take care of oneself, nurture oneself, replenish oneself, acknowledge oneself, educate oneself, and empower oneself. It is not something that can be taken away by others—you own it—it belongs to you. However, it can be given away. Sometimes, we don’t realize how we unknowingly give our self-worth away when life’s unexpected difficulties arise. Broken relationships, bad job experiences, negative childhood memories, or dreams gone astray can attack our self-worth, leaving us with feelings of inadequacy and defeat.

The fact is that one’s self-worth does not diminish; rather, it is how we perceive ourselves that has the most significant impact on our self-worth. Our self-worth cannot be compared to anything or anyone else’s; it can only be measured by self. How worthy are you of the blessings and destiny God has established for you?

Unfortunately, at times, circumstances and situations beyond your control give the impression that one’s self-worth has become stagnant. Nothing could be further from the truth. The false impression of lost value or self-worth is only in your mind. What you must do, is begin to empower yourself by taking on a positive mindset and not be overcome by guilt for some of the choices you made that may not have been your best interest. 

Genuine guilt can be a positive motivator that can help change negative behavior or bring a person to true repentance. Still, false guilt can be dangerous because it fosters feelings of doubt that keep one senselessly bound. False guilt is another culprit of devaluing one’s self-worth. People who suffer from false guilt constantly blame themselves for things that they either have no control over or things they choose not to release from their consciousness, thereby becoming free. 

The good news is you can free yourself of false guilt. Start by evaluating the circumstances that have made you feel guilty. Ask yourself, “What purpose does holding onto guilt serve for me? Have I done anything that offended someone? If able, can I go to the person and apologize? Have I asked for and received their forgiveness? Have I forgiven myself? As you begin to evaluate the reasons for feeling guilty and start to deal with any displaced emotions, not only do you regain your self-worth but, you are now empowering yourself to overcome the guilt that has aided your thoughts of worthlessness.

Making mistakes is a part of life, but we must learn from our mistakes. When my marriage failed, the first thing I resolved was not to become bitter. Instead, I sought help for a tough emotional time in my life. When we begin to educate ourselves and seek help in areas that we struggle with most, it is not an admittance of defeat, but a way to empower ourselves.

As the saying goes, “knowledge is power.” Or put another way, “Applied knowledge is even more powerful.” Your life has purpose and worth. Transform your thoughts and renew your thinking. Recommit yourself to self. One way to do this is to affirm and decree just how important you are. Open your mouth and say aloud: “My life has worth, and I value my worth. I love myself. I am important to me. My health is important to me, and I will take care of myself. My knowledge equips me to accomplish great things. I am a person of great self-worth!”

If you are experiencing severe emotional or mental difficulty, please call your counselor, medical provider, and/or 911 for immediate help. For information on mental wellness, visit the National Institute of Mental HealthStay safe, be well, and know that #OVERCOMINGISANACTIONWORD.  Books Worth Reading by Marilyn.

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