Nurturing Your Child For Greatness

How and what can we do to keep our children on a path destined for greatness and not drowning in a sea of trouble? Let’s start at the moment your child is conceived. Make an appointment with your OB-GYN as soon as possible. This is something that both the husband and wife can attend together. Ask pertinent questions that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle for you and your unborn child. Ask yourself, “How should my diet change now that I am pregnant? What other nutrients do I need for a healthy pregnancy? What can I do to avoid or minimize pregnant related illnesses? How much weight am I expected to gain?" These are just a few questions you can ask during this crucial stage of your child’s destiny.

Because children are imitators of their environment, once your baby is born, create an atmosphere of love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, obedience, and self-control. Surround your children with positive reinforcements that project confidence, character, and integrity. In this way, you plant within your children the seeds for greatness. Be active with your child’s education. Know your child’s schedule and connect with teachers. If your schedule permits, connect online to stay abreast of what’s going on at your child’s school. In this time of distance learning, have a plan that will keep your child busy doing constructive things in between, and after classes. After all homework assignments and chores are done, what virtual activities might your child be interested in? Visiting a museum online, an educational or inspirational podcast, or maybe an online mentoring program. Check online for these interests in your area.  

You have a million, and one dreams of greatness for your child. Communication is the key to any successful relationship, and children dream too. Talk with your child to learn what his/her dreams are. Understand that their dreams may not be your dreams. Even so, be prepared to help them reach their goals. Let them be creative and free to explore different things. If your child loves to sing, plan a karaoke night with the family. Give plenty of opportunities for your child to perform at socially distanced family functions. If your child loves to write, have plenty of journals available. Enroll them in an online writing course or contest. If your child loves to talk, take some time to sit and listen to what your child has to say. Let them ask the blessing at dinner time or lead prayer at bedtime. Talk with others to see what online organizations or socially distanced volunteer opportunities may inspire and encourage them. Be observant of your child’s natural God given-gifts and talents. It may be evident to you and your child the path for which they are headed, and with a little coaching and preparation, they will be on their way. 

COVID-19, social distancing, and distance learning can be overwhelming. Remember to take care of yourselves as you are working hard to prepare your children for greatness. You and your children may need some downtime to just relax, relate, and release. Quality family time is just as important as constructive programming. Spend time with your children, let them know how much you love and how proud you are.  

As your child matures and is equipped to leave the nest, your child will be ready to spread his/her wings as an eagle in flight – full of self-confidence, character, and integrity. If you follow these steps, you can rest assured that you have planted a firm foundation in them and have provided the resources that have watered and cultivated their lives. As parents, after you have done your part, God will give the increase to propel them into the greatness He has reserved for them.

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  1. There are always opportunities to teach, whether at the dinner table or the grocery store. Children may stray at some point, but they always come back to their roots.

    1. Thanks for your comment Renee!! I totally agree. Keep overcoming!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Nicely written article.
    Unfortunately in this age of Snapchat, YouTube, cable tv, PlayStation, etc, add in all of the organized activities that parents plan, kids don’t have the opportunity to breathe. Again, unfortunately, due to stranger danger and gun violence kids can’t play outdoors so freely. Some kids have lost the ability to do critical thinking for themselves, many never obtained those skills. Having so many organized activities and adults telling you what to do, what to say, where to stand, etc, is doing a disservice to our kids. Hopefully the lack of critical thinking and common sense won’t follow them for a lifetime.


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