HOME: A Safe "Mult-Purpose" Haven

Is your home a "multi-purposed" haven? When we hear the word "haven" associated with home, we immediately think "safe haven". Yes, we want our homes to be a place of protection and shelter. Honestly, our homes are so much more. If you have children, your home may be a playland for them. Pre-pandemic, If you opened up your homes to family and friends, your home might have been "the spot" [to hang out]. When you need your quiet time, your home is your sabbatical.

What about those times when you want to travel or take a family vacation. This pandemic has put a halt to many planned family vacations. Hold up, wait a minute. You just remembered that even if there were no pandemic, you don't have the financial resources to take that vacation. Wait a minute, hold up. Who says that just because you don't have the resources to travel or a pandemic that limits travel, the vacation can't come to you. Yeah, imagine that your home has now become your new vacation destination. Let's put on our creative thinking caps. Mmmm, my home, the "vacation haven". What now? Here are three essential links and six easy steps to help you get started on your family "staycation".

Click the links to find ways to keep your home safe during your stay-cation and every day. 

1. COVID-19 has taken a "safe haven" to a new level

2. EPA approved disinfectant list

3. Six Steps for Safe & Effective use of Disinfectant

1. Gather all parties involved, including the two-year-old and all the pets.  Decide on the length of your stay, a few days or a few weeks, etc.  

2. Create a theme based on the place you plan to visit. If you plan to visit Disneyland, your theme could be "The Smith's Disney Adventure". If you plan to go camping, something like "Roughin' It" may work. If you plan to take a cruise, "The Johnson's Ocean View Experience", A more exotic place in mind, "The Jones's Paradise Island".  

3. Do your research. Assign each family member to do a little research on your vacation destination. Children can cut out or draw pictures to make collages of your vacation spot to hang around the house. You can also make props or selfie-frames to place in different rooms to create your desired setting. All these things can be accomplished with items that you can purchase from your local discount stores. During seasonal transitions, many department stores have lots of items at deep discounts. Craft books are good also.  

4. Synchronize your schedules.  Make sure all participants are free to take this fun-filled family adventure together. Schedule vacation days to coincide with the children's school calendar. 

5. Plan your days and budget accordingly. Look for inexpensive recipes to prepare, rent a movie or two, and, if possible, planned social distancing outings.  

6. Start your vacation. Keep everything centered on your vacation destination theme. If you plan to visit Mexico, cook tacos, Spanish rice , and guacamole dip or other mexican recipes. Have the kids draw or cut out pictures of what you would see in Mexico and things you plan to do when you actually visit.  If you're camping , try not to use the lights, use flashlights. Prepare sandwiches and sodas for the cooler. Roast marshmallows on the stove. Have your family sleep in one room in sleeping bags or on the floor with blankets. If the weather permits, spend a night or two "roughin' it" in your backyard.  If you're on a cruise, use this time to socially-distance cruise around your city and enjoy the sites. Contact each facility for hours of operation, exhibit information, and restrictions. Things you may need on your local excursion include a  camera, comfortable clothing, and an itinerary.  When you return home to board the ship, prepare for the captain's ball. With the in-house talent, I'm sure the children would love to show off their singing chops, TikTok dance moves, youtube comedy sets, and DJ skills. You may even have a few hidden talents you want to share, or join the fun with the kids for the evening entertainment. This could also be a great time for the family to prepare a delicious meal together or order out to keep it simple. Whether you are visiting another country, camping in the backyard, or  touring your city, a great family movie is always a best bet to close out any vacation.   

It may take some work and a little more creative effort, but once all systems are a go, you will be set to take a family journey that is full of fun, excitement at minimum cost, and lots of memories. And yes, you will have discovered another inexpensive way to bring unity to the family. Who knows what creative geniuses lie within your family. Before you know it, your family will have vicariously traveled the world. Don't forget to take plenty of pictures.

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Stay safe, be well, by watching your distance, wearing your mask, washing your hands, and know that #OVERCOMINGISANACTIONWORD. Books Worth Reading by Marilyn.

Where do you plan tor travel? Share your staycation ideas. Your comments are welcomed. 👇


  1. Great information for a staycation.
    I set up a tent in my living room for a weekend. We made smores on the stove, watched movies on a portable DVD player and played games.

    1. WoW, that sounds like a great staycation. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I will definitely use some of those ideas for my family’s next staycation!!

    1. Sounds like a plan. Have fun and takes lots of pictures


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